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Hi. I'm Mineralwater Xu. I'm a "Sakuga Enthusiast", "Moegirl Anime Fanboy", "Otomo" and "Anime Voice Actor Chuu". I don't like socializing. However, "Moe Moe Waifus" can be just fine. I'm a "Legitimate Anime, Comics, Galgame and Light Novel Enthusiast" and I hate Mobile Phone Games.

This is my website, which in devotion to minimalism and simplism. I just posts some information and links, which likes some Old Internet Websites in 1990s or early 2000s with no common CSS stylesheet.

By the way, I use Arch Linux now, which is a lightweight and flexible Linux® distribution that tries to Keep It Simple.Arch Linux logo

I maintain my own build of dwm and st, which from suckless, as well as my own NeoVim configuration on Github, link here.Github logo

Other Sites

Some websites are in Simplified Chinese, sorry about that.

I'm still in progress of porting stuff over to my site, so some of this article links won't be active.

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fingerprint: B58B B5E1 F44A 96C0 8C64 860B 0A97 9D95 548D 549C